With over 100 different bottles available to choose from. Just contact us!

What's Our Deal?

From Us

Bottle Wicks Candle Co. is a one-man candle-makin’ show operating right in the heart of Northeast Philadelphia. Our candles combine three key components: eco-friendly processes, sweet smells, and what else, but the fun of alcohol

To You

The bottles are collected from local restaurants, which are then individually crafted before having the warm, all-natural soy wax poured into them. The wax contains no phthalates, dyes, lead, or parabens--just some fine fragrance oils--so when we say we care about the quality of our products, you know we mean it. 

 So voila, and hallelujah--you’ve got yourself a mean artisan candle that screams “hip.”

Endless Possibilities

Our products make great gifts as well as eye-catching, urban center pieces in any room. We also do party, shower, & wedding decor. 

If there is anything you would be interested in besides candles, let's get in touch! We'll be happy to talk lamps, pendant lighting, vases, and drinking glasses with you too.

Consider us the jack-of-all-trades with a happenin' specialty. The grand jalopy. The Bottle Wicks Candle, straight from our Philadelphia Candle shop.